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Nominated for 1 Oscar. Another 2 wins & 26 nominations.


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The Trolls lived in a tree once upon a time, and they were the most happy creatures. They embrace, and would sing, dance on a regular basis. Nevertheless, the Bergens, who were depressed and will just be joyful they ate a Troll found them.

Chef discovers that all the Trolls are replaced with outrageous hair when she decides in the tree. The Trolls have escaped underground to a brand new residence, while Chef is banished by the King from Bergen Town. She vows to get the Trolls while the King tells his son that nothing will make him happy, and have them eaten.

20 years after, the Trolls are now living in the woods, with Poppy (now played by Anna Kendrick) directing them all in a tune. A bash that day is throwing to the house in honor of the coming. He lives in a bunker to guard himself and he refuses the invitation of Poppy to the celebration.

The Trolls have their celebration, but the sound of loud music as well as the outbursts of light and glitter will do to get the eye of Chef, who appears disheveled and ragged, having spent the last 2 decades looking for the Trolls. She begins catching Trolls and goes stomping down to the woods. By blending in the other Trolls conceal in the woods.

Poppy would go to the bunker of Branch and asks for his help, however he refuses. Poppy subsequently brings back the remaining Trolls to the bunker, to the displeasure of Branch, as she sets off to find her buddies by herself.

Four spiders approach her, as he flogs his hair to hold them back, making them walk to the mouth of a larger creature, nevertheless they’re scared off by Branch.

Branch and poppy remainder for the nighttime. Poppy starts to sing and say goodnight to images of her got buddies, which teases Branch. Branch requests Poppy for the ukulele and he simply drops it to the fire.

The two come across a tunnel that is assumed to lead them. Division gets annoyed when he attempts to do a high five, so he pursues him through the tunnel with Poppy jogging after them and breaks a stick. Branch and poppy wind up in Bergen Town and find how grim all the Bergens are in their regular lives.

The got Trolls are brought by chef to Gristle, who’s king of the Bergens. She desires to bring Trollstice back, and she offers Creek as the initial Troll that Gristle will eat up. He’s reluctant in the beginning until Chef shoves Creek into the mouth of Gristle, leading the other Trolls to believe he is been eaten.

They offer to help her out in return and talk to Bridget. Bridget inquires why Branch is not singing, although the Trolls begin singing. He refuses to do so until he is asked by Poppy why he will not sing. Branch acknowledges he believes his singing was what got his grandma eaten. Until he was nearly caught by Chef as a kid, he sang wonderfully, but his grandma jumped in to save him, leading to her capture. That second took away colour as well as his happiness. With the encouragement of Poppy, Branch determines to help Bridget.

Bridget is nervous and uncomfortable in the beginning, but with some assistance from Branch, she begins to gain the assurance to say how she truly feels about Gristle, enabling him to fall in love together with her. The Trolls subsequently see that Gristle is taking Creek in the jewel. Chef, who almost finds Bridget interrupts their date. She flees and leaves.

Gristle’s jewel is stolen by the Trolls and open it to save Creek, but he is not indoors when they open it. Chef discloses that she will be helped by Creek and recaptures them all. He declares that he sold out the Trolls to truly save his own skin. He snitches the cowbell of Poppy and guides some other Bergens and Chef to the woods in the place where they take the remaining Trolls.

Chef stows all of the Trolls in the giant pot. Feeling despairing and betrayed, Poppy loses her colour and becomes depressed, as well as suit is followed by the remaining Trolls. After some silence, Branch begins to sing “True Colors”. His buddies inspire, and they, together with Branch himself, recover well-being and their colour. Bridget permits them to escape since she’s grateful for his or her help as well as for showing her to be joyful and overhears the Trolls. She tells Poppy she lets them go free and adores her. Nevertheless, Poppy can not bring herself to left Bridget, and she beats up her buddies to reveal the Bergens that they can be joyful also.

Gristle needs to await his date, although the Bergens are collected for the banquet. Chef makes them begin without her, but the pot opens and finds the Trolls are gone. Believing Bridget ate them all, Chef orders until the Trolls crash in on the skate of Bridget Bridget to be seized by the guards. They land on her head showing Gristle. Tells Gristle which he managed to be joyful by being with Bridget, without eating a Troll, leading the other Bergens to understand they can be joyful on their particular also. Poppy and Branch begin to sing “Can Not Stop The Feeling”, turning the banquet into a huge dance party. Chef attempts to get the Trolls herself, but a wooden spoon throws causing her to stumble on a cart that rolls out from the fortress, sending Creek and Chef far from the kingdom.

Branch and she stand atop share a hug, along with Cloud Guy and a tree.

Subsequent to the original credits, the handcart in Creek and Chef stops rolling. Chef prepares to eat Creek herself, however they soon find out they’re on top of a creature, who eats them and opens his mouth.

Trolls (2016) Animation Full Movie Watch Online Free Download
Trolls (2016) Animation Full Movie Watch Online Free Download
Trolls (2016) Animation Full Movie Watch Online Free Download
Trolls (2016) Animation Full Movie Watch Online Free Download
Trolls (2016) Animation Full Movie Watch Online Free Download
Trolls (2016) Animation Full Movie Watch Online Free Download
Trolls (2016) Animation Full Movie Watch Online Free Download
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